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Stranger Than Fiction

Easy - Tammara Webber So I bought this Kobo for my birthday and started to skim GoodReads for a nice standalone novel that's in this 'New Adult' genre all the kids are talking about these days. You know the one, you read excerpts and you're reminded of that one book about the sparkling vampires. Like that, just with less vampires. Still has the all the creep to it though.

I chose Easy as an 'introduction' of sorts because of the positive reviews it was getting, seriously not many reviews for this novel seem to be under 3 stars. Reading some of these reviews, I rolled my eyes at the 'possessive' boy with 'stalking' tendencies, the possibly for rape to be a convenient plot device for said possessive stalker boy to be hero and that could lead into some nice healing cock afterwards. Like the above assumption, I expected EVERYTHING to be handled with NO sensitivity and for me to be left angry and bitter that GoodReads steered me wrong. Added, I do have this tendency to fight things that are so Godly popular.

I was wrong, folks, I was wrong.

I have very little to say in regards for negativity for any of the characters. Most of them seem rather fleshed out, ACT like collage students, DO collage student things who work part time jobs, pay car insurance and have to worry about grades and studying goddammit. There's no 'Wise beyond her years' heroine, no 'age old' hero who knows the heroine better then herself, there's 'other guy' to complete a love triangle. No back and forth here, ladies and gentlemen. It has this 'real' feel to it.

There were mild stereotypes that bothered me, I.E.: Lucas being a bad boy via having tattoos and a motorbike, but that's the only one that I think was the most noticeable for me.

I'm going to save any sort of diving into the text because I feel you can just look at any other review for that or just check the book out yourself. You won't be sorry.