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Tempted - Kristin Cast, P.C. Cast I usually take notes while reading the House of Night series and then use them to compile my review in a more formative script, but why should I put effort into a review when it's clear that the Casts have stopped putting effort into these books.

Tempted wasn't.... terrible.... by HoN standards, in fact, I think it's one of the better. The one star comes from, jeez, a lot of things.

First off, the damned time frame these books set. I've always thought that the character development was severely lacking. Zoey was being 'forced' to develop while the rest of her friends remain the same. You'd think that vampyres who've been touched by the hands of Nyx would be receiving the same treatment as Zoey and Stevie Rae. For the longest time, I wanted to chalk this up to the time in which these books take place. It's been roughly 3 months, two weeks, some odd days since Zoey was 'marked', so when I thought about it, that doesn't seem like a lot of time for development or maturation of the Twins, Damion and Jack. Then I REALLY thought about it. Why is it that we've seen so much change from so many of the characters: Zoey, Stevie Rae, Aphrodite.... hell, we'll even throw in Heath and Erik in for good measure... yet we have yet to see an ounce from the nerd herd? I seriously hope that their time is soon because I'm getting sick of the 'Aphrodyke is a ho bag' jokes from the twins, I'm tired of the 'Damion does this motion GAYLY' and I'm not particularly fond of Jack either. The time frame excuse, for me now, is bullshit.

I'll give points to finally making the stakes higher in this book. Bless your hearts, Casts. What you have done with Heath in regards to character in this book is awesome, his outcome aside, he's grown on me and I don't truly believe he's gone 'forever'.

Thank you Casts for solving the Erik problem. He was becoming a 'problem'.

I'm relieved about the Stark situation. He and Heath got along for the good of Zoey... while there was still jealousy, the two saw eye to eye in their goals, Protect Zoey. Stark even goes as far to say 'I'm glad I'm not your boyfriend.'


I can't believe that Rape is still used as a major plot device in this book. It's tossed around so freely in this series in general and I feel like it's handled immaturely. It does however, give Aphrodite a nice 'full circle' moment where she admits the reasoning for her going down on Erik in 'Marked' was the need for control in her out of control life. I believe she's truly moved away from the incident. It's just a shame that the Twins see her as nothing more than a 'shallow vapid rapist' while Stark, whose committed similar crimes gets a hall pass because he's 'hot'.

I feel like every blurb I've read about this book is a lie. I was expecting them to spend more time at their school trying to get it together, but they spend more time wandering around with nuns and going to Italy.

You know? Over all, this book serves as nothing more than filler between arcs. The Casts, at this point, could have easily edited this series HEAVILY stuck them together two at at time and maybe have something decent in the end.

Tattoo Count:
At the end of this novel, Zoey's soul is shattered and her tattoos disappear.

Boyfriend count: 0
Heath: Dead
Erik: Gone
Stark: Says he's not her boyfriend
Kalona: Who knows.