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Stranger Than Fiction

Hidden - Sophie Jordan Hidden came off as a pleasant surprise for me, I was expecting a lot less from this series considering it's start. I picked up well in Vanish but I expected a rather lackluster ending with this books length that comes at 70 pages less then it's predecessors.

Not only that, but I liked the endgame pairings despite the alpha pairing irking me in it's early days. It's good to know that side characters found happiness and I'm quite thrilled with Cassian's ending. Having him travel instead of staying around the pride or following Jacinda around to pine after her was awesome, it will give him time to clear his head and thank god he managed to take a hint from the bond he was sharing with Jacinda and backed off. Tamra and Deghan, while I think they could have used some more time, weren't that bad in the end, besides, it's normal for people to get pushed together like that through shared experiences.

Over all, I'm left satisfied by this series, despite a few plot holes, and look forward to any spin off that Sophi Jordan may put out.