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Stranger Than Fiction

Nightlight: A Parody - The Harvard Lampoon A rather light and humorous read, Nightlight is a parody of Stephanie Meyer's Twilight and I really don't think that needs any explanation beyond that. I mean, it's Twilight, chances are we've all heard about it to some degree. This review is going to be a little short as I feel anything that could be said about anything Twilight has already been said. So pardon the lack of snark or the absence of hanging Twilight out to dry. Nighlight does a pretty good job of that anyways.

We follow our heroine, Belle Goose through her migration to Switchblade, Washington where she seems to fit in just right. Everyone loves her, but she only has eyes for the most beautiful boy on Campus, Edwart Mullen. Hot vampire on human action pursues as Belle courts Edwart with relentless devotion only rivaled in the very saga it rips apart.

This marks my second time reading Nightlight as I wanted something easy and fun to get me back into reading religiously again, so naturally, I knew what to expect and where to expect it so the humor fell short for me this time around. I didn't laugh nearly as hard, but hell, it didn't mean it wasn't funny. It follows the same vein as Vampires Suck, names are changed only slightly and characterizations are played up BIG time so if your familiar with Twilight, your good as gold.

I have to say though, that Belle and Edwart's relationship was rather adorable, not nearly as bad as their counterpart, but your mileage may vary there. There's no side characters to get attached too and the Werewolves have been almost phased out of this tale. Oh, and androids.

As for recommendations? Perhaps anyone who's a fan of Twilight, both for the lovers and the haters. Waiting for Breaking Dawn Part 2? Why not fill the void with a little light reading curtosy of the Harvard Lampoon. Also if you particularly enjoyed Vampires Suck.