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Stranger Than Fiction

City of Bones - Cassandra Clare Ah, general curiousity, how you get the better of me.

I tried to put the whole 'plagerism scene' to the side, ignore the similarites between Jace and 'Fanon' Draco, wanted to look past glaring mistakes and obvious plot points and prediticable twists. I wanted to look at this book as someone who knew nothing about cassandra Clare, her invovlment in so much drama but you know what? I just couldn't.

I could write a review on the things I felt were wrong, however, I feel as if taking a shot or two at 'City of Bones' would be akin to just beating the dead horse so to speak. Not only that, but so many people could and have done it better.

Personally I got bored. Never have I read a book where I'd read four pages and perfer to let my mind wander, take a nap, often just let the book slide out of my hands and snooze for a couple of hours. It just never held my interest. I hear that The Mortal Instruments picks up in the second book, however, I'll be giving this series a rest after it let me catch up on some much needed sleep. Maybe I'll just listen to the audio book instead.