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Stranger Than Fiction

Wolfsbane - Andrea Cremer A couple things about this book that I've learned; there never really was a 'love triangle' and I still and will always prefer Ren to Shay, a million times to one.

So I broke my own promise from my 'NightShade' Review and bought it's sequal 'WolfsBane'last week because the Library had no copies, Coles was having a sale and I'm passing the book on to another reader when I'm done. Not such a big waste right? Aside from my time, not much.

The cover: Once again, I'll admit to the enticing covers that litter YA paranormal these days. There's been a lot of back and forth between the cover that 'Wolfsbane' originally held and the cover that was used. The original followed suit with the 'Nightshade' cover... the one I own had the lavender, lillies and close up of the left side of Calla's face. If you've read 'Nightshade' you'll know what I mean. 'Wolfsbane' held a similar green, sporty looking Calla, cool and tough, ready to bite yours and your mothers face off. The end result was Calla crouched down in front of a full moon, gazing needingly down towards you, her prey. It's been argued that Calla was a bit of a tease in 'Nightshade' so the cover seems to be an accurate portrayal of that part of her character. Needless to say, with the new cover for 'Wolfsbane' came a revamp for 'Nightshade', a wolf superimposed over Calla's face, with a single golden eye meeting up, shot from the side.

The Plot: Lets forget for a moment that I wasn't that fond of 'Nightshade' because even though I wasn't, 'Wolfbane' was marginally better, not by a landslide, but I didn't find it as grating on my nerves. The purple prose wasn't as bad, the teenagers talked like teenagers.... but so did the adults... and once again, the lore, the stories and even some of the characters grew on me. There were only two major story turning events, getting to know the Searchers and Operation: Save my Pack. Other then that, nothing really happens. If anything, 'Wolfsbane' functions as nothing more then a link between books, it could have even been spared by seperating it between 'Nightshade' and the third 'Blood Rose'. That's neither here nor there though, and just my opinion, so it can be disregarded. I won't count the ending as being totally relevent to the events of 'Wolfsbane' because it ends with a cliffhanger. I'll be nice, no spoilers.

Characters: Would it be criminal of me to admit that I was rather fond of the Searchers? Their relationships seemed legit, their friendships sweet, their bonds solid. I guess it serves to show us how fisked up the Gaurdians and Keepers are and I think that's also why I don't like the Searchers. They just seem too good to be true, they didn't play God and were allowed to keep their powers.

Once again, I have nothing but anomosity towards Shay. I don't think I've hated a fictional character more then I do Shay. He's a jerk, not even one with a heart of gold, a charater trope I like. He pulls Calla way from her world, her pack and even though it was ultimatly the right thing to do, I still thought he was a jerk. Why? 40 pages in, when Calla down right refuses to give him her goodies because she's thinking what a bitch she is for leaving her pack (including Ren), he storms out of the room when she refuses to give him Ren's ring. I've established in my 'Nightshade' Review, that I've always perfered Ren. He had moments where I'd like to break his jaw, but that's siginifcantlly less damage then what i'd like to do to Shay. Calla has and will always see Ren as friend, she mentions that many times in the book, that even though things didn't work out, she'd still like to have the man in her life. I'll even cut Shay some slack, if my current significant other was pining for his/her ex the way Calla is, I'd be miffed too. Rememeber though, that it's a very TIGHT slack, Shay has only known Calla for maybe three weeks... and they've been together for less then half that. Calla is fresh out of the relationship with Ren and I don't blame her for thinking about him as much as she does, he was suppose to be her mate.

There's even some backstory that wants us to root for Ren even if he's not with Calla in the end. I'd also like to add the part where Shay didn't want Calla to go back for her pack, a dick move on Shay's part. Ultimately though, we're suppose to accept Shay as the new male Alpha, along with the pack. Hell, Bryn and Sabine do, we the readers will as well amirite? I still feel like Calla was given an easy pass at being the alpha by being with Shay. Not to mention, I still don't feel ANY love between the two.

I think that's about it for 'Wolfsbane'. There just wasn't enough for me to grab onto to make a worth while review.