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Stranger Than Fiction

Dark Visions: The Strange Power; The Possessed; The Passion - L.J. Smith 'Dark Visions' is a book I could have plowed through in a long weekend if I had the drive and energy to commit to this 700 page saga that follows Kaitlyn Fairchild and friends up the coast of North America on a road trip to find themselves. Only instead of some sort of post High School coming of age tale you get 5 teenagers on the run from adults trying to exploit their psychic powers. 'Dark Visions' is composed of three novels, 'The Strange Power','The Possessed' and 'The Passion' and came out well before my time of reading YA Paranormal, I think I was 10 when the trilogy was first released and it totally glows with it's era.

Honestly, the writing wasn't horrible and was easy to read and follow, like I said, if I had the drive, I could have gotten through this in a long weekend. It's good fluff to fill a few afternoons if you like ya paranormal romance. The characters were alright, the plot moved along well enough and a love triangle that didn't annoy the ever living pants off me. It had it's perfect fairy tale ending. The groups telepathic web was used well through out the book and was one of the redeeming features for me.

The Cover: So 'Dark Visions' is a trilogy under one revamped cover, one that follows the tradition of black, lots of it, with the profile of Kaitlyn bathed in light. The print is pink, a nice change from the norm. In fact, I find the whole cover a vast improvement from the ones the individual books were released with in the mid nineties. I can deal with the girl on the cover looking nothing like the Kait Fairchild I imagined from the text because if there is any real tragedy it was the covers from before. Google them, you'll see, they embody the nineties all too well.

The Characters: Aside from Gabriel and Kait, I felt as if Rob, Anna and Lewis were just static and stock characters. They were only valuable when the plot needed to move forward, key moments like crossing the boarder or finding a house via bird were Lewis and Anna's shining moments. Rob, I felt, could have been so much stronger but only served as a foil for Gabriels dark and brooding presence, another love interest for Kait. Descriptions for Rob and Gabriel wore me thin. I grew tired of how golden and and sweet as a lightly toasted marshmallow roasted to perfection Rob was, just as much as I rolled my eyes at how dark and pale Gabriel looked, a fallen angel.

He Said, She Said: The pairings were to be expected because L.J. Smith clearly sets it up from the get go that Choice A is Rob, Choice B is Gabriel. Honestly, Gabriel and Kait ending up as the books Alpha pairing was my favorite choice given Rob's development as a character. It's the 'everyone finds true love in the end' that left the funny taste in my mouth. I never once thought of Anna and Rob being the Beta Couple, but it's how it turns out. The two didn't really even have shining moments and I didn't or wouldn't suspect that they had a 'thing' for each other until the third book when they hugged and had an awkward moment that followed. It just seemed forced and tacked on.

Take a Look Through My Eyes: 'Dark Visions' does 3rd person point of view and follows Kait around most of the time. From time to time, it switches to Gabriel for a few pages, but not a whole lot gets revealed through him aside from his attraction to Kait, so for me, Gabriels' POV seemed almost useless to telling the story and perhaps could have been left out entirely as I was able to pick up on his attraction to Kait well enough without him saying so on his own. In 'The Passion', we follow Rob around for a few pages and were able to get a better grasp on his crush on Anna, which I wasn't aware of until that moment, sans the one moment they had gotten food for the group and came back laughing in high spirits, but that's neither here or there.

I'd recommend 'Dark Visions'' to anyone who's grown tired or needs a break from all the Vampires and Werewolves, or to anyone who enjoyed L.J. Smith's other works like 'The Vampire Diaries' or 'Night World'.