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Stranger Than Fiction

Firelight - Sophie Jordan The Draki species is original, an idea I truly loved. The first chapter of this book was a fantastic set up. The main character was a fantastic display of a strong, independent woman, her world breath taking, her people nothing short of extraordinary.

It had me hooked right up until her trying to cover up some incriminating evidence against who she really was.

Personally, I thought her relationship with Will was a little to back and forth for my tastes and I didn't care too much for the scene where she opens up completely about her people to him. If it were drawn out a little more, I'd be more accepting to it, but I don't think the scene did their relationship justice. That's most likely why it took me so long getting through this book, despite me listening to the audio book.

I'm giving this book three stars because, much like Nightshade by Andrea Cremer, it was a good start with loads of potential and I'd like to see where Sophie can take her characters.