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Divergent Series Complete Box Set

Divergent Series Complete Box Set - Veronica Roth Divergent Triolgy, By Veronica Roth

Normally I don't do reviews on single books in a series unless I feel something strongly towards it. At some point, I was going to do a review for each book in the trilogy, but after giving this series a week to sit whatever I have to say can be put on all three as a whole story.

The Divergent Trilogy? While not bad, per say, rather... over hyped. The Divergent Trilogy is often compared to The Hunger Games, often said to be better than the Hunger Games. There was a 200,000 copy first run by Harper Collins. A facebook campaign where you could find the faction you belong to... Amity (peace), Abnegation (selflessness), Candor (honesty), Erudite (intelligence) and Dauntless (bravery). This book was pushed hard and eventually got itself a movie. So why did I give each book under three stars? Did I really hate it that much because of the hype? No. Regardless of how hard they were selling this series, I didn't loathe it the same way I loathe House of Night By the Casts. Unlike that series though, I felt like it had nothing memorable about it. The characters were rather boring, often scaled down to their one faction attribute... unless the character was divergent, of course, then there was always wiggle room.

The Romance: Was rather dull. Tobias and Tris were often on par with Sam and Grace from The Mercy Falls Trilogy with their love. Quite boring, quite bland and repetitive. One of them was being unfaithful to promises that were made and they'd be back at square one with their relationship. They didn't make much progress by book three either, but in the end they make love before they go their separate ways and at least Tris didn't have to die a virgin.

Side Characters: I never got into or understood the side characters, most of the ones that were showing signs of development were killed off. Trust me, its slim pickings with who survives by the end of book 3.

In Short:
Divergent: Felt like one long training montage.
Insurgent: Served as nothing more than a bridge between books.
Alligent: The scales don't seem tipped either way in regards to the ending being 'bad' or 'good'.

Overall, mediocre read, doesn't live up to the hype.