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Stranger Than Fiction

Reflected in You - Sylvia Day Reflected in You picks up right where Bared to You leaves off. Literally. Not even a day has passed in the books time... it's the next morning when we start reading. Doesn't necessarily mean we're 'thrust' into the 'action'. The first 13 chapters are filler; Cary and Eva make 'amends', Eva and Cary go on a trip, Eva hangs out with her mother, Eva goes to a concert, Eva and Gideon spend some time breaking up and getting back together.

It's kinda mundane paper work really and Reflected in You' suffers from 'Middle Book Syndrome'. Ever read the second book in a trilogy where it answers the one burning question but doesn't solve the problem? It then goes on to 'blow' open more questions while furthering the problem just so there can be third book material? Even though, with the final book on the horizon, it feels as if most of that filler could have been cut back and major key points could have just been split up between 'Bared' and 'Entwined'. But duologies aren't any fun, who reads duologies anyways?

Again, Reflected in You is so formulaic and predictable and follows suit as many other books in the genre. Everyone is so beautiful and everyone is so fucked up though you can count on everyone getting their happily ever after. Though I'm kind of wondering how much further Sylvia Day could take this series after Nathan is killed off. I know that Eva's character development relies heavily on forming a bond with Gideon, it feels like the final book may just be a 'all snuggle no struggle' type of deal. It feels like Nathan was just killed off for the sake of 'Now the Healing Can Truly Begin, Here's My Cock'. The fact that Nathan and Eva never had a confrontation that could have set up some drama, demons coming to the surface and shit hitting the fan and could have set up something for a big bang in book 3. We're treated to everyone hiding the fact that Nathan was in town. Fair enough. Spare the girl some stress, but it feels like such a cheap shot that it wasn't revealed that Nathan was in town until the cops arrived at Eva's apartment and pronounced him dead.

Most, if not all, the action happened off screen and what really happened behind the curtains isn't even revealed to Eva until the cop sees her in her martial arts class and gives her the lo down of what happened with Nathan. The true climax in Reflected in You is Eva's own detective work where she tries to unravel Gideon's past and succeeds to some extent.

All in all, nothing much happens in this book, but I'm sure if you're sticking with this series and enjoy them, it's worth a read.