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Night Star

Night Star - Alyson Noel The Immortals series is gearing towards end game content now and Night Star gets the highest marks from me so far. However, it became quite clear towards the end that it was 'one step forward, two steps back' before I found myself right where I started with frustration in development in both character and plot.

I'll address the Night Star villain first. Haven is still angry about the whole Roman thing and vows to take Ever down and her first line of business is becoming top of the food chain at school. Essentially, this is a rehash of Blue Moon and Evermore. Like Roman, Haven is brainwashing some of her class mates into worshiping her and like Drina, she's bent on revenge on Ever killing her 'beloved' who never loved her at all. Needless to say, Haven's motives aren't new at all or unique to her. She's petty and become unhinged quickly because of her addiction to the elixir, so dethroning Haven was pretty lackluster. The novel starts with no one wanting to choose sides to everyone sitting on Ever's side of the teeter totter while Haven screams how she 'can't get down'. ultimately Haven has the last laugh when she burns the shirt and gets punched in the chest for it.

There's a reason why Night Star got the highest marks out of the series. In a bizare twist, there was a good chunk of book here that wasn't outright horrible. It wasn't even bad or mediocre. It was good, honest, pure fun. It's revealed that Damen has been keeping secrets again. Apparently during on of Ever's past lives as a slave, Damen had shown up and purchased her, taking her away from her parents and her 'intended', Jude in a past life. Ever got to live the rest of that life span while her family burned to death in a fire. Ever is distraught as she wasn't suppose to even know she was a slave as Damen has been editing her previous lives, only showing her the more beautiful and opulent points in her past. Needless to say, this breaks the couple up, again. Ever, in turn, goes to Jude for comfort and it hits off what I'd consider decent story. The characters become more rounded and start to develop voices and opinions of their own outside of 'Ever and Damen are going to be together forever!' or 'Damen is super sexy and beautiful!' or Ever angsting in general about her lack of broken hymen. Miles and Ever have a heart to heart where they both show depth and maturation. Jude, who knows the full extent of Damen's lies, chooses not to act on his feelings for Ever until he's sure of her decisions. It's sad we didn't get more like this in the other books as it could have solidified a stronger series. It's a shame it had to go back to where it started.

Haven takes no prisoners when she takes Jude out with ease and sends Ever straight to the shadow realm where Ever views her slave life deeper. Apparently Damen wasn't such a cruel person after all, he went back for the rest of her family and had ever intentions of buying them or breaking them out if he had too. He was far too late. This turn of events was aggravating as it played Damen up to be the worst guy imaginable, he even reacted that way too. He didn't bother to show Ever how he went back for her family. In the end Ever was completely won over by this and just couldn't see how she could live a life without Damen, going as far to say that Damen was her only soul mate and original intended. I can't help but feel strung along by this, it was poorly executed and was terribly inconsistent, even by Alyson Noel standards.

Once again, the two fail to obtain the magical elixir that will allow the semen exchange, but with one book left and nobody standing in the way, it's bound to be 'Babies Ever After'.