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Dark Flame

Dark Flame - Alyson Noel Dark Flame is no different than Blue Moon and Shadowland, nothing but endless filler. In Evermore, there was a sense of something that could have been something better than what it's become, but it's sequels have been stuck as a record on repeat. It's nothing but a parade of Ever making all the wrong choices, Damen being sexy and brooding, while a newly immortal Haven is becoming increasingly harder and harder to handle.

Dark Flame leaves no slack in between novels, Ever is still cursed and tries two times in the duration of the first 200 pages to reverse it, both times failing. This takes Ever on multiple trips to Roman's house with the intention of telling him that he's not getting to her and in most cases, she winds up underneath him using Drina as a disguise.

So what's the the answer to her problem? She was just over thinking it. She was told over and over that she was 'cursed', only to be told by Ava that she was just letting it bother her to much and once she put it out of her mind, the curse would be gone. Simple as that. This, of course, comes after she ignores Ava for a good chunk of Dark Flame because of how Ava pulled a wool hat over her eyes in Blue Moon.

Damen was utterly useless in this novel. He was always willing to 'help', yet, the one time Ever said 'I can't talk about what's happening to me here, can we go to Summerland?', he calls her an addict and says he's not going there with her until she's had a proper break from it. He sees the way her body changes between the real world and Summerland, yet still says he won't follow her when she disappears to get away from the darkness in her head. Stress is ruining Ever's body, despite chugging back bottles of BODY IMPROVING elixir. Her decline in health shouldn't have been so rapid if she's taking something that's equivalent to beauty steroids, proving yet again that The Immortals series is still painfully inconsistent.

Dark Flame serves it's only purpose to show how much better of a choice Jude is. Even after Ever stabs him, even after she freaks out over him killing Roman and letting the elixir break because every twist in this series MUST serve as way to keep this 'We Can't Truly Be Together' plot going. The synopsis for Night Star promises a huge secret to be revealed about Damen, Ever and Jude's past lives and I'm hoping it breathes a little life into this otherwise stale series.