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Stranger Than Fiction


Burned - Kristin Cast, P.C. Cast I've been frustrated with this series for a while now so I took a year off in reading them to clear my head of the pain these books inflict.

The good thing about this series? Two Thirds of this book was review, running around catching friends and family up on current events, so I didn't have to go back and read stuff from Hunted to remember where this story was going. Burned picked up right where Hunted left off, Heath is dead, Zoey is in limbo and nobody knows what fuck to do. I wish there was something to review here, but honestly? You might as well go back to my Hunted reivew and read that.

I guess there's one thing I can talk about: Stevie Rae Johnson. Why is she on the cover? Because this book was clearly about her. You may have noticed in the last book the Casts are experimenting with multiple points of view. Here we have words from Heath, Aphrodite, Stark, Rapiam, Kalona, Stevie Rae, all of whom are in the thrid person while Zoey gets three chapters in the first person POV. Still, a good chunk of this story is Stevie Rae dealing wtih her affair with Rapiam. This may be surprising, but I favor this part of the story than any other part. It's nice seeing other people who arn't Zoey get developement. We get a large chucnk of plot progression from Stevie Rae as she comes to terms with Rapiam, Dallas and being a high preistess. Stevie Rae's parts were actually a satisfying read.

However, this series is still bogged down with pop culture references and inane teenage talk. One scene in partiluar invovled Zoey talking to parts of her shattered soul, meeting with A-ya and then having one of THE MOST uncomfortable conversations with her 9 year old self. Apprently 9 year old Zoey is thrilled to finally have BOOBIES but wishes them bigger. Oh, and she represents Zoey's Joy and skips off. Good Times. What could have been some good growth for Zoey, was played off as.... A joke? as something light hearted? Whimsical maybe? I see the intention, but it just felt. so. misplaced.

There was a rather touching scene where Stark makes it into Vampyre limbo where he and Heath have a heart to heart. I actually like these two in their scenes together. Whenever Erik was around, he'd be nothing but hostle towards the other guys and he's suppose to be 'mature and wise'. Stark and Heath at least has a mutal understanding to get along for Zoey's sake as it hasn't been easy (okay, maybe a little easy) with adujusting to Vampyre life.

I'm grasping at straws here for things that happened that I can discuss, but there's not a lot to grab and hold onto as most of it was filler. So we'll go right to the score board:

Boyfriend Count: 2...ish?
Kalona: Does he count? They aren't actually 'together', but there's something there.
Stark: Is now her guardian/warrior.

Tattoo Count: 6 New: 0
All of her tatto's disapear at the end of the last book and come back at the end of Burned.
Crescent outline: Appears at school.
Filled in Crescent: Receives later that day at Grandmas
Facial: Appears during Halloween ritual.
Shoulders: Appears during Halloween ritual.
Back: After saving Heath from the underground.
Waist: Acquires after saving Stevie Rae.
More Shoulders: Over her scars after banishing Kalona