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Shadowland (The Immortals, Book 3)

Shadowland (The Immortals, Book 3) - Alyson Noël Thus far, The Immortals series has raised nothing but more questions and utter confusion from me. Shadowland, the newest installment, continues this trend and marks the halfway point through this upward climb which is sure to turn into a downward spiral in no time.

As par for the course, Shadowland picks up where Blue Moon left off, dealing with the repercussions Ever's poor decision making, her friends are just as horrible as ever and school is just as much as a drag on an immortal lifestyle as anyone can imagine. Shadowlandis short, forgettable and with every new plot point is followed with a resounding 'Why?'. Nothing in this book really needed to happen. It gives me the same feeling House of Night gives me, Alyson Noel could have easily cut back on some of this bullshit and easily squashed most of this content into three books tops. It's mostly filler.

Damen has decided to cut back on his mortal spending habits, getting rid of his car, his prized possessions and even tells Ever he plans on selling his mansion so they could live a more modest life. Makes sense since the two of them can manifest anything they want. Ever responds to his with annoyance. How could her sexy, smoldering boyfriend ever want to part with his materiel possessions? Damen, as it turns out, is concerned with his karma and feels like it's a matter of time before it comes to bite him in the ass. He tries to remedy this further by adopting Romy and Rayne while they stay on Earth on account of losing their powers and being unable to return to Shadowland. This further annoys Ever as the twins blame her for their lost powers and it distracts Damen.

There's some story placed in here and Damen creates a psychic shield to cloak his body so he can finally touch Ever and chaste make out sessions with a failed sex scene ensue. During this arc, Sabine encourages Ever to get a job and apply for college to which Ever stares at her vacantly and wonders if any of this would have a point seeing as she's immortal and has her one true love. because bettering yourself or pursuing interests outside of your significant other is pointless. While I see her sentiment of being immortal, she doesn't bring up once that she can just do college in a few years as many times as she wants, but instead mentions being with Damen is the be all, end all to her life.

Roman is noticeably vacant for much of the middle part of Shadowland and it's to introduce the REAL third part of the Immortals series love triangle. Ever buckles down and follows a psychic trail to a store called Magic and Moonbeams, operated by love interest number 2, Jude Knight. Jude is calm, a slacker and prefers to spend his time relaxing and riding waves, a perfect foil to Damen's no nonsense, business as usual, dark and broody nature. It's not surprising, giving the synopsis of this book, that there is romantic history between Ever and Jude's past lives. At this point, Damen practically FORCES a love triangle that shouldn't even be there. This is despite Ever saying she rather not test the waters with Jude, but Damen still tries to negotiate time spend a part going as far as to suggest a year to get over him. It doesn't make sense and this shouldn't be happening. It's whittled down too three months or something and Damen keeps his promise of steering clear of Ever, a la Edward Cullen style, while Ever works, attempts to have friends, while bonding with Jude but never even attempting to go beyond an employee/boss relationship.

I still don't understand why the end of this book is a thing. I've tried re reading it, I've tried looking to the internet to clear some of the fog but most of it just doesn't add up. Apparently Ever screws up a spell from a book she found in Magic and Moonbeams, while under the watch of two witches in making. The twins waited until after the spell was complete to tell Ever that it shouldn't have been performed under a dark moon. The end result is she's now chained to Roman. She tried to convince herself otherwise, but is still drawn to him. It's revealed that Jude might be immortal as he has the same tattoo as the other immortals do, though this twist isn't exactly shocking. The climax of this book starts with a phone call from Ava. She made her presence known earlier on, but is now making her come back as she tells Ever that Roman is at her house with Haven close to death. without wasting time manifesting a car like she'd done before, Ever runs there at top speed with Damen close behind and arrives to a situation that looks grim, not to mention, her psychic link with Damen is broken. Roman tells Ever how it is, that she's a self absorbed elitist who doesn't care about the people around her, a trait that was given to her from Damen's influence and then gives her an ultimatum. If Ever chooses to let Haven die, Roman will lift the curse from Damen. Or she could make Haven into an immortal. It boils down to how selfish Ever is feeling. The choice seems obvious to make Haven immortal, but in doing so, that would damn Haven's soul to Shadowland if Haven were to die while being immortal, which sort of seems insignificant since Ever and Damen know how to make the elixir if Haven chooses to stay with her friends and not turn to the dark side. However, Damen and Ava are telling Ever to say her goodbye's, turning Haven is the wrong thing to do. Ever wasn't much for listening to her friends advice so she forces the elixir down Haven's throat. The story ends with Damen and Ever reconciling, because everything is about how in love they are.

It took me a while to write this out, but I think I've managed to write it in a way that makes sense. Like it's predecessors, however, Shadowland is riddled with things that I just don't quite understand, with plot lines that don't add up. The main character keeps going against better judgement and keeps gaining super powers for the sake of plot convenience. The love triangle was forced and felt tacked on, only there because this series was written in the previous decade where love triangles sell a stretched out series. With how this series is going, I doubt things will get better.