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Blue Moon

Blue Moon - Alyson Noël What started off as a promising beginning, Blue Moon takes all of the potential Evermore had and pummeled it through a wall. While Evermore was mostly forgettable, it held a charm that if handled better, could have been a rather nice story about a girl dealing with the loss of her family.

I feel like I can write a proper review to this as opposed to breaking it down like I had to do with Evermore. With Drina out of the way, Ever and Damen can finally consummate their relationship. Blue Moon opens to them working on Ever's powers and talk of Damen's blue balls. Many of the first chapters involve Ever wanting get over Damen's past. Ever constantly brings up how Damen has waited long enough, that he deserves this and tells him to book that room at a motel so they can finally have sex. Between them making out and talking about the night they will finally be together, a new character named Roman is introduced and Ever is the only one getting bad vibes from him despite his good aura and nice guy personality, but he's British and if there's anything I learned about the British from Halo is that they're evil. Roman, is of course, immortal. We get a few chapters that drag out the page length that involve Sabine wanting to meet Damen and we're treated to the usual banter that occurs in most YA lit where the female love interest gets flustered and embarrassed about how in love they are.

As luck would have it, Roman has shoved himself into Ever's group and some conversation is exchanged about how Ever's friends secretly wish they belonged with the 'In Crowd'. This sets up the downwards spiral this series is going to take. A downward spiral that starts with Damen ditching Ever after attending one of her friends theater productions. Things take a turn for the worse when everyone at school, sans Ever, is suddenly getting along, combining tables even in the cafeteria. Even Damen has tossed her aside, quickly pulling Stacia into his good graces and arms. It's obvious from the get go that Roman is working against Ever and when it's revealed he's behind the reason the school is suddenly getting along, it's not a surprise at all. This book is mostly filler. There's a few scenes that show Damen in a worse light than what he was standing in before, there's trips to Summerland to get non google based research and there's even a trip to Damen's house to get him poison free red jucie in his pantry that gets foiled because Ava the Psychic wanted a tour of Damens' house. Also, a set of twins were mentioned living in Summerland who had befriend Riley. They act as guidance counselors to Ever while she's in Summerland alone.

Ever discovers, through her research, that on a particular night when the moon is full and blue, she can time travel. She has to option to go back in time and fix her family or she can stay in the present and help heal her dying boyfriend. She chooses both... sort of. The Blue Moon is an event that happens once every 3-5 years so Ever only has one shot at saving her family and chooses to do so, setting Ava up with an elixir she's been preparing for a few days to give to Damen while she goes back to live her old life.The only repercussions this will have is that her memory will be wiped clean prior to the accident. Since she won't be around, there's no way she can tell if the elixir was successful or not and leaves it up to fate whether or not Damen comes back for her. It's a vague plot line that blows open more plot holes. Before she leaves, she saves the school by yelling at them to 'Stop' and they look at each other disgusted before moving on. With that mess out of the way, Ever tells her friends goodbye and gets ready to go back in time.

Ever lives two days with her family, attends her old school with her old friends and boyfriend, getting vague memories of the life she lived after her parents died. Come the night of the accident, Riley who's sitting beside her in the back seat address her sister. "You can't change the past." A lot of readers saw her going back in time as Ever's first big mistake in a pile of many and while the whole thing was lackluster, I'd only somewhat agree. While I have no problems with her going back, some of the rules and stipulations about time travel just seem silly to me and the whole thing was played out as drama for the final scene to come.

Going back was a loss so she heads over to Ava's house to collect Damen and tell him her adventures. However, what she walks in on is not what she expected. Roman answers the door and when she gets inside, she finds Romy protecting Damen's near dead body with a force field. Romy, at this point, has enough energy to save herself and keep Damen alive and if Ever enters the circle, the operation falls apart and Roman would be allowed to attack. On top of this, Roman says that all she needs to do is add her blood to a bottle of elixir and take it to Damen and everything will be fine. She heeds Roman's advice and slits her wrist while Romy is telling her NOT to. Funny that she listens to her immortal enemy versus the friend saving her boyfriends life. Needless to say, her actions mess everything Damen has been fighting for. By adding her blood to the elixir, the two are no longer allowed to share DNA. This includes: Kissing, Hand Holding, ANYTHING that involves skin to skin contact. So she would have done anything to save her boyfriend. That's admirable. What makes no sense is that she'd go against her better judgement, after hating Roman for an entire book, after listening to him tell her how much he wants to bang her while putting Damen's life in danger and yet she becomes her own undoing.

The drama that unfolds in Blue Moon goes beyond for the sake of drama. It's a pointless set up to stretch out this destined lovers doomed never to fuck story line. I didn't believe, while reading Evermore, that The Immortals series could get as bad as what I had been hearing. I believe I am starting to see what everyone is talking about.