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Snakeroot: A Nightshade Novel

Snakeroot: A Nightshade Novel - Andrea Cremer So it's fairly evident by the fact that I've read all the Witches War Books (getting to Captive) that I'm committed to take off and am willing to go the distance with this series no matter how bad it gets. I was never fond of the first trilogy. All three landed three stars and under, this also includes the novella's put out between books. Despite not having written reviews for Rift and Rise, you might notice that both have landed 4 stars. I feel like in both novels, Andrea Cremer upped her game to the point where I felt the duo-logy redeemed most of the mess from the previous books. Both filled the missing holes from the trilogy without being a mess of info dump every single chapter. That being said, Snakeroot only hit two stars for me.

With Calla out of the picture, Andrea Cremer seems to have abandoned the first person narrative something I liked about the duology and Snakeroot. Getting to see how things play out through the eyes of a few others seems to make Andrea's world wider. We get to see how Sabine is adjusting to Searcher life with out it feeling like a text book lesson. Other narrators include; Connor, Sarah, Logan and Adne, the latter two who we spend the most time with. Adne fills in most of the Searchers side of the story, while Logan is leading the Keepers.

So why two stars? First off, I felt cheated by the first chapter. A while ago, after Bloodrose was done, Andrea Cremer wrote a little novella called Aftermath which finishes up the series nicely. I gave that one two stars because at the time of me reading it, I found out about Snakeroot. It has the main cast of Searchers doing clean up at the Bosque Mar estate, visiting the wolves and Adne seeing the ghost of Ren. If Cremer left it at that, things would have been different for me. However, after spending $3 on that novella believing that Andrea Cremer was finally putting the Witches War to bed, only to have it be a near word for word replica of Snakeroots Chapter One, it felt like a cheap move. Why not just save it as a chapter spoiler for the release of Snakeroot?

Honestly, while stronger than the first trilogy, I also don't feel that this is anything above two stars. The book leaves us in a cliff hanger for what appears to be another trilogy.